Months in the making! Thousands of participants around the globe! We are proud to announce the worldwide premier of our sing-along music video “Right to Peace”. Written and produced by our mega talented Rubia Braun! Please enjoy and share!

Please join thousands of schools, community groups, and individuals in 154 countries, engaged with us in 2014! Sign up your school or community group.  Then, check out the latest news on our Facebook page. Watch us on youtube.

Want to Participate in the Peace Crane Project?

Here’s how:

 Register with us! Then…

Find a piece of paper. Any type of paper can work. Papers of lighter weight will fold more easily. Cut it into a perfect square.

Fold your paper into an origami crane. Here’s a guide.

Write words of peace on your crane. Young children may be invited to simply list words of peace, practicing spelling and good penmanship. Older children and adults may want to write a poem or story.

Draw or paint an image of peace elsewhere on your crane. Markers or ink will work best, allowing the paper to be handled without smudging or cracking.

Find a home for your Peace Crane within your community or you may join our Peace Crane Exchange List to find another group wanting to exchange cranes. Our goal is to place and  exchange cranes on every continent and in every nation, in every school, home, community center, and place of business.

 Send us an image of yourself and your finished crane. Include the name of the artist if desired, and the exact location of the placed crane. We will add your crane to our map of placed cranes around the world.

Happy folding!