Hong Kong Cranes



We invite school, community groups, and families all around the world to fold a peace crane or dove, fill its wings with words and pictures of peace, then trade it with another child somewhere in the world. 

We publish an exchange list each week. Dozens of countries, hundreds of groups, and thousands of participants join us each year, trading cranes, doves, hearts, and greetings through our list. These connections often grow into Skype events, video sharing and additional global projects throughout the year. To join the exchange list and receive our newsletters, please sign up here.

We host the Peace Crane Project every day of the year. Many groups choose to join us for the United Nations International Day of Peace, held each September 21.

Some of our schools and groups plan their curriculum months in advance. With schedules varying so dramatically around the world, we want to make sure we allow plenty of time to become a part of the September school curriculum in your community. If you plan to join us in September, please sign up now and begin to plan as soon as you are able.

In the coming months, we will strive to find the perfect crane exchange partners, arrange classroom volunteers for some of you, and target our efforts to your specific needs. Please reach out to us with comments, questions, or requests for help.IMG_1848